Florida: A Marine Biology Adventure 2017 Tour details
Available to: All Students
Our tours website: Florida: A Marine Biology Adventure
Date: February 18th-23rd, February Vacation 2017
Tour Leader: Ms. Sarah Jones
Email: tornadotravlers@gmail.com

Florida: A Marine Biology Adventure- 6 days
Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie Tampa
Home to a diversity of sea life, Florida is an ideal location to study marine science. Students will learn about the sea creatures that call the shores of the Sunshine State home through hands-on educational activities and discussions with real marine scientists.
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Day 1: Fort Lauderdale

Day 2: John Pennekamp State Park and the Miami Seaquarium

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Visit John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park State Park Website
    • Visitor Center
    • Glassbottom boat ride
Visit the Miami Seaquarium Swim with Dolphins Website
    • Dolphin Encounter, Get in the water with dolphins!!!

Day 3: The Everglades

Everglades National Park Airboat and Park website
    • Airboat ride
    • Educational program
Travel to Port St. Lucie

Day 4: Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce

Educational program at Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce Smithsonian website
    • Exhibits
    • Field sampling
    • Talk with researchers
    • Captain Chop boat cruise
Travel to Tampa

Day 5: Tampa area

Educational program at Crystal Springs Preserve Crystal Springs website
Visit the Florida Aquarium Florida Aquarium website

Day 6: Tampa and return home

Visit Lowry Park Zoo Zoo website
Depart for home

During our "free time" we will spend time either at the beach, shopping or hanging at the hotel by the pool

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They call the Everglades the “River of Grass,” because it’s actually a very, very slow-moving and incredibly wide river—it’s something like 50 miles wide. We go on a swamp safari. We get on an airboat and we head out into the Everglades, which is a very cool experience because most people have never been on an airboat before. Once we’re out there the students get to see an incredible array of wildlife. They get to see alligators, snakes, occasionally otters. There are a thousand species of birds out there—ibis, eagles, osprey, hawks. And of course, they get to see the Everglades itself, one of the real wonders of the world.

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