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Thank you for your interest in leading or chaperoning a trip a Malden High School and wanting to provide the opportunity of a lifetime for the students at our school. As a group leader or chaperone, you would be responsible for the group’s behavior while traveling. The group leader will be EF's main point of contact. All chaperones will work closely with the group leader through planning, fundraising, and traveling until you're safely back at MHS. Here is some helpful information to get your trip started.

How to make your trip successful
Step 1: Choose a Tour
Inspire your students through global travel on an expertly guided tour. Choose from a wide range of culturally immersive experiences. Your dedicated Tour Consultant at EF can help you find—or create—the perfect tour for your group. Below are the types of trips that EF offers. There are also few things to keep in mind while you are planning and before you travel.

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Step 2: Fundraising
Get involved in the fundraising activities through the Tornado Travelers Club (TTC) and ideally generate a new event that TTC can host as a fundraiser. All fundraising events are open to any member of TTC (whether they are registered or not). Making the trip financially accessible is of the club's goals. Students will only earn money toward their trip if they participate, so the more proactive and involved you are, the more likely your students will be involved and earn money. We, as the club advisers, will keep track of all funds earned buy the travelers.

Step 3: Enroll Students
You've taught your students about the world—now make the world their classroom. Here is how to get your enrollment underway:
  1. First, schedule 2 meetings: one right after school for students and the second about 2 weeks later in the evening for parents. Many parents will not want to sign up for a trip until speaking to an adult about it first.
  2. Make announcements and advertise your trip at least two weeks prior to hosting the student information meeting.
  3. Host your information meting where you describe the itinerary and the cost. Be sure to give students the early enrollment deadline which can be motivation for them to sign up quickly and give them the date for the parent information meeting. Also, be sure to collect email addresses!
  4. Continue to spread the word about the trip and the parent meeting as much as possible; announcements, emails, maybe flyers in homeroom.
  5. Host your parent information meeting - present all the important information and answer all of the parents questions.

It is predicted that only 1/3 of the people that attend your meetings will actually sign up, therefore it is suggested to complete this process at least twice. Happy enrolling! :) [Note: A stipend is earned based on the number of travelers enrolled on the tour. This stipend is to be addressed to Malden High School and put into the club fund in order to provide scholarships to future travelers on future tours.]

Step 4: Promote Scholarships

Step 5: Email Communication
Regularly contact your trip goers and remind them of TTC meetings and fundraising opportunities. Communicate with parents as the departure date approaches to keep them apprised of changes and specific travel details pertaining to your trip. Here are some things to keep in mind before you travel.

Step 6: Educational Assignment About Your Destination(s) Prior To Departure.
Two of your monthly meetings should be in reference to a research-based assignment that every student must complete before embarking on your trip. The first of the two meetings is when you should explain the assignment and give the students time to begin their research with their group. The second of the two meetings is for the groups to present and/or hand in what they have created. Completion of these presentations will better prepare your students for the experience they are about to have and keep the focus on the educational value of the experience.

If your trip involves you missing a few days of school, these projects will be turned in to Mr. Lombardi to excuse those absences.

Step 7: Paperwork
In your monthly meetings you should make sure students EF accounts are properly filled out, that students are making payments (to keep track of drop outs) and that their name matches their passports EXACTLY. Have all students bring in their passport (if needed for travel) to verify that it is also valid 6 months after the final date of your trip. Then make a photocopy for yourself to keep on file. If their passport is not valid for 6 months after your return, they need to get a new passport which can take up to three months. You should also communicate flight and hotel information, your day-to-day itinerary and packing lists as they become available.

Step 8: Mandatory Final Departure Meeting
Have a final meeting for both parents the students traveling 2 - 2.5 weeks prior to departure that is mandatory for all travelers. In this meeting you should go over the flight and hotel information, your day-to-day itinerary, packing list and liability forms. All parents and students MUST sign the school behavior agreement and school liability form. It is also a good idea to have them complete the health quick sheet for your records while traveling.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Travel
Even though you are supervising and keeping students safe while traveling, this is a fantastic opportunity for you as well! It is a great way to interact with your students and to get to know them in a new environment. Have a blast!!!!

We hope that these guidelines are helpful and make your trip a success.Please let us know if you have any questions or need help throughout any part of the process!
Happy Travels,

Shauna Campbell and Sarah JonesThe Tornado Travelers Club Advisers