Traveler Enrollment Process
Step 1: Choose a tour

The list of available trips is located in the right side navigation list. Browse the opportunities and check the dates of travel to be sure your students is enrolled at MHS during that time. Also keep in mind that some trips may conflict with sports.

Step 2: Sign up on the EF website

On the tour page there is a link to sign up, which will re-direct you to the EF website. Create an account and pay the $95 down payment to reserve your spot. The price listed there is the price of the trip if you were to sign up right then. If the tour is international, the price will increase as you get closer to the departure date due to changing flight and hotel costs, so signing up as early as possible is the best way to lock in the lowest price. The cost for a domestic tour will not increase; the price that is quoted is fixed. Students can sign up for a trip up to 3 months before the departure date, provided the trip is not full.

If the trip is full, you are welcome to sign up on the waiting list... you'll need to call this #. It is common for 3 - 5 students to change their mind once signed up, so there is a chance you'd still make it on the trip. Signing up on the waiting list holds your spot and locks in the trip price at the time you sign up.

Step 3: Insurance
Upon enrolling for the trip, you will be asked if you would like to purchase EF's travel coverage plan. We highly suggest that you enroll in then coverage plan, especially for trips during February break because of the likelihood of weather delays that could influence your trip.

Here's what the coverage plan includes:
International tours
Domestic tours

Step 4: Choose a payment plan

We plan our trips about 1-2 years in advance to allow the most time to cover the cost of the trip. EF offers 3 payment options so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Step 5: Start packing!!

Once enrolled, your child is one step closer to traveling the world. Your group leader will be in contact with your child soon about fundraising opportunities, trip details, and how to prepare.