The Tornado Travelers ClubA Malden High School Global Travel Program
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Club Objective:
The Tornado Travelers Club allows students to become global learners as they experience a variety of cultures in a unique way. Students from Malden High School will have an opportunity to pursue academic enrichment as they problem solve their way through new challenges and experiences in each country we visit. Global travel requires independence, cooperation and open-mindedness as students encounter diversity, multiculturalism, languages, and environments different from theirs in Malden. The travelers will overcome fears (of uncertainty) while forming new relationships with peers, teachers, natives of the host countries, and other travelers. Aligned with the MHS mission statement, The Tornado Travelers Club fosters personal growth and seeks to make travel accessible to all students. Travel is an educational journey, with a myriad of benefits, which each student experiences and grows from in an individual way. Through this club, global citizenship will be prioritized as we educate students about other cultures and prepare them for success in a global society.

Tornado Travelers Club
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