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Malden High Students have the opportunity to apply for any or all of the following three scholarships. Per trip, one students will be chosen as the winner of each scholarship and the scholarship money will either be awarded to them via their EF account or as a Staples gift card for college supplies.

TTC Offered Scholarships
Travel Mascot:
Dates: The weeks between Winter break and February break
Amount: $25 per showing

  • Promote travel to all students at MHS and get them to sign up on a "list of interested students"
  • Sign up with Ms. Jones the week prior to their preferred participation date
  • Two people per week can participate
  • You must be the travel mascot for all 4 lunches that day
  • You can participate more than once if there is an open spot that week.

Due: See chart below
Amount: $150
  • What does travel mean to you?
  • Why do you want to go on this particular trip or travel in general?
  • How is travel beneficial to youth specifically?

Media Scholarship:
  • A. Vlog (Video Blog)
  • B. Virtual Journal
  • C. Video Summary
Due: See chart below
Amount: $250
  • First entry will be one day prior to the trip - anticipation/pre-trip excitement
  • At least one photo and written entry per day of the trip
  • Last post is one day after the trip documenting thoughts/feelings the following morning
    • discussing what happened on the trip, things learned, new experiences had, memorable/funny/moving/unexpected moments along the way
  • Video would document the variety of experiences on tour
    • a video of highlights to use as an advertisement for others to go on the same tour.
  • Some Blog options

Scholarship Due Dates

February Break Tours
April Break Tours
Friday before Winter Break
St. Patrick's Day
Media Scholarship:
Within 30 days after returning to Malden
Within 30 days after returning to Malden

EF Offered Scholarships